The Philosophy of the Fluency Score

Fluency Score data is revolutionizing the startup support and investment industry with data-driven decision making, much like what Moneyball data analysis did for baseball..

Pattern-matching (what you look like) and social capital (who you know) are the current drivers for decisions on which companies will access capital and resources for their business. In a massive jump ahead in technology, the Fluency Score provides an objective, standardized metric that can be used industry-wide to remove bias and level the playing field for the very best, most promising companies to emerge, based on proven metrics.

The Fluency Score brings true equity to the table, in addition to the value it brings to our customers both at the company level and at the dataset level. 

For more in-depth analysis, see Fluent founder Beth McKeon’s article: “Dismantling Systemic Bias Against Black Founders: Replacing Social Capital and Pitch Culture with Data.”

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About Fluent

Denver-based data technology company Fluent’s flagship product is the Fluency Score, which works like a FICO Score for startups.

Used by investors, accelerators, foundations, and the Department of Defense, the Fluency Score measures business model risk in early-stage ventures to produce a standardized score and visualization of product-market fit. Fluent is defining a new category of sophisticated data-driven decision making, leading the way in professionalizing this risky asset class and unlocking an equitable framework for access to capital and resources across the industry.

The Fluent Leadership Team

Beth McKeon founded Fluent in 2018. Beth is a serial entrepreneur and experienced technologist who has managed and led over 18 accelerator cohorts in five states. Those iterations became the basis for the work that led to the development of the Fluency Score. 

Jaime Gassmann, PhD, is a serial entrepreneur from the e-commerce space with a focus on diversity and inclusivity. Her deep background in academia and qualitative research brings incredible depth to Fluent’s approach to data collection and analysis. 

 We are deeply committed to serving founders and helping entrepreneurial communities thrive. At the heart of every decision is whether it advances the field of entrepreneurial support and improves outcomes and opportunities for founders — especially those living in unlikely places who don’t fit the expected founder mold.