Like a FICO Score for startups

Why the Fluency Score?

Now, with the Fluency Score, early-stage startup investment is no longer a black hole while waiting for return to prove out (often years after the initial investment).

The Fluency Score allows the early stage entrepreneurial & innovation industry to make data-driven decisions based on standardized reporting of a company’s journey to product-market fit, traction, and growth.

The Fluency Score algorithm measures, analyzes, and reports on business model risk with laser focus


Prior Validation

Data is collected to understand the company’s business model and the steps they have taken to de-risk core assumptions in the market with customers.

For example, if they believe their customers need help with a particular problem, the Fluency Score process collects and evaluates the ways in which they have worked to understand this problem from their customer’s point of view.

Following the principles of design thinking and Lean startup methodology, the Fluency Score captures the quality of the approach to validation, specifically with the targeted customers.



Current Activity

The Fluency Score also measures and visualizes the velocity with which the company is tackling all remaining business model risks for a real-time snapshot of their current activity.

For example, if a company’s riskiest assumption is around their growth strategy, the Fluency Score Report will identify the speed and focus with which they are testing and validating those assumptions.

This component of the score can help answer the question of whether this company may reach product-market fit before running out of resources.

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Platform Walkthrough

Which companies in your application pool or portfolio match your preferred risk profile? How can you best resource them in batches? Different Fluency Score data visualizations in your Analysis Dashboard on the Fluency Score platform help drive these decisions!


Interact with the Live Demo

Login as a demo customer (investor or organization):

  • view a portfolio of Fluency Scores
  • click through to view an individual company’s databook
  • analyze a batch of scores from the Analysis tab in navigation

Password: Demoaccount101$

The Fluency Score  is already used by accelerators, investors, economic development organizations, and founders themselves – everywhere capital and resources are deployed.


“The Fluency Score, as a data tool, makes it obvious how to hit the ground running with founders in your program on day one.”

Laura Shibut

Accelerator Program Mgr; Lighthouse Labs, Virginia

“Better returns for investors and equity in the way captial is deployed both become a reality with this technology.”

Sara Batterby

Founder of Equity Capital Collective; Portland, Oregon

“The Fluency Score helped us make smart, informed decisions about how to deploy $350K in investments this year alone.”

Devon Laney

CEO of Innovation Depot; Birmingham, Alabama


“A common refrain often heard in the world of startups is that company evaluation can be subjective. The Fluency Score creates a foundation of objectivity from which accelerators and investors can make data driven decisions.

Having Fluency Scores be added as a part of our multi step review process gave our team confidence that we were making the best decision on behalf of our fund and the companies.”

– Kellie Clark, Director of Programs at Innovation Depot, a customer for three years in a row


“The Fluency Score helped us identify areas where companies needed the most help in de-risking their business model and allowed us to measure the impact of our accelerator program.”

– Kirk Burton, Program Director at CO.LAB


Fluency Scores are giving us the valuable information we need to win grants, onboard more entrepreneurs, and move our ecosystem forward.” 

– Debbie Irwin, Director at Staunton Creative Community Fund 

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