Like a FICO Score for startups

There is very little data on early stage startups.

The result: catastrophically high failure rates and a very risky asset class.

It doesn’t have to be this way.

Other industries have been completely transformed by data.

Advertising was once believed to be impossible to track & measure. 

Introducing data to digital advertising created a $646 billion industry.

Now is the time to disrupt the innovation industry with data.

The winners of the future will be the early adopters of tools & technologies that help them predict outcomes using data.

The Fluency Score creates a universal industry-standard data technology to measure and track risk in early stage companies.

This is a category defining innovation.

The market for this technology is not just investors.


There is robust data for selection, analysis, and tracking for all other investment asset classes. How many financial apps do you have on your phone? 

Because a more standardized reporting system has not been available for early stage companies, our industry has relied on the pitch of what a company hopes to become as a driver for investment decision making. The evaluation of a pitch of course is inherently biased and based on pattern-matching and gut instinct.


Now, with the Fluency Score, early-stage startup investment is no longer a black hole while waiting for return to prove out (often years after the initial investment).

The Fluency Score allows the early stage entrepreneurial & innovation industry to make data-driven decisions based on standardized reporting of a company’s journey to product-market fit, traction, and growth.


There will be one winner who owns the data layer for the innovation industry. 

Just like Morningstar for the public markets, the Fluency Score is positioned to be the data technology used for data-driven, real-time metrics and predictive intelligence across all early stage startups and small businesses. 

Beyond early stage investors, we have customers and interest from foundations, the Department of Defense, state governments, the SBA, and the banking industry — everywhere growing businesses are being evaluated. 


The Fluency Score  is already used by accelerators, investors, economic development organizations, and founders themselves – everywhere capital and resources are deployed.

Founding Team

Beth McKeon

CEO & Co-Founder

Product Lead

Beth has a decade of experience in building startups and in leading entrepreneurial support programs as managing director of over 20 accelerator cohorts in six states.

She holds a MA from Columbia University.


Jaime Gassmann

COO & Co-Founder

Sales/Marketing Lead

Jaime is an entrepreneur and former academic with experience in qualitative data collection, public policy research, and corporate diversity and inclusion strategy.

She holds a PhD from the University of Kansas.




“The Fluency Score, as a data tool, makes it obvious how to hit the ground running with founders in your program on day one.”

Laura Shibut

Accelerator Program Mgr; Lighthouse Labs, Virginia

“Better returns for investors and equity in the way captial is deployed both become a reality with this technology.”

Sara Batterby

Founder of Equity Capital Collective; Portland, Oregon

“The Fluency Score helped us make smart, informed decisions about how to deploy $350K in investments this year alone.”

Devon Laney

CEO of Innovation Depot; Birmingham, Alabama

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