For Investors

Leverage the cutting-edge insights of the Fluency Score technology

The Fluency Score’s product-market fit data tool spans verticals, tracks stage, and shows velocity.

At a glance visualize how much of a company’s business model has been derisked, and how fast and focused it is at figuring out the rest with the Fluency Score’s standardized metric.

Create Efficiencies

Mobilize the Fluency Score to gather reliable, ongoing product-market fit reporting data unobtrusively with a standard metric.

More Equitable Investing

Differentiate yourself as an investor focused on data-driven decision making (not pattern-matching) to make equitable investing a reality.

Tailored Venture Support

Connect your portfolio companies with targeted, actionable platform resources that make an immediate impact on their success.

Discover Hidden Gems

Check companies against your preferred risk profile at a glance using real-time data that goes deep on business model risk.

Dynamic Portfolio Tracking

Deliver actionable insights and shape responsive support with ongoing, standardized analysis of portfolio ventures.

Level Up Reporting

Engage capital in your current and future funds with data-rich communication on portfolio performance.

Do you crave data?

If you’re interested in investing based on how a company is de-risking
their business in pursuit of product-market fit, then let’s get in touch.

It's time for data-driven decision making.