For Accelerators and Entrepreneur Support Organizations

Level up with the power of actionable insights with the Fluency Score

 You need data-driven ways to improve selection, diagnostics, tailored support of founder progress. With the Fluency Score’s objective risk assessment evaluation, you can achieve all of these things at once.

The Fluency Score tool also gives you stage-agnostic, standardized product-market fit data to share with your stakeholders pre- and post-program. With the Fluency Score, there is no need to wait for  for the startups you help to mature to show program impact.

Program Funding & Grants

Demonstrate success using an objective metric to endcap your projects and craft a compelling narrative.

Make Better Bets

Mitigate the stress and complexity of cohort selection by matching companies to your preferred risk profile.

Tailored Venture Support

Understand the acute needs of each company with this proven diagnostic tool’s actionable insights.

Keep Talent at Home

Support founders where they are at to keep companies in your community for a positive economic impact.

Activate Capital Locally

Highlight positive local economic impact for potential investors and sponsors with data-backed reports.

Maximize Mentors

Know exactly how to focus mentors on the riskiest part of each business to jumpstart founder progress.

Do you crave data?

Go beyond a pitch deck and an interview. The Fluency Score complements your current due diligence by providing third-party data to rank and compare startups in your application pool, dial into specific risk areas to understand what each company really needs, and report on ROI.

How are organizations maximizing the power of the Fluency Score?

"The Fluency Score, as a data tool, makes it obvious how to hit the ground running with founders in your program on day one."

Laura Shibut

Accelerator Program Mgr; Lighthouse Labs, Virginia

"Better returns for investors and equity in the way captial is deployed both become a reality with this technology."

Sara Batterby

Founder of Equity Capital Collective; Portland, Oregon

"The Fluency Score helped us make smart, informed decisions about how to deploy $350K in investments this year alone."

Devon Laney

CEO of Innovation Depot; Birmingham, Alabama

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