For Entrepreneurs

Insights to inform your strategic planning and data to demonstrate your company’s progress

Mobilize the Fluency Score to analyze the unresolved risk in your business model, accessing customized recommendations with each score. The report will identify the riskiest assumption in your business model and provide you a platform and guidance to design a lean experiment to begin to test that assumption and inform your strategy immediately.

As you accumulate scores, your company’s trendline will allow you to demonstrate the progress of your business with effective, standardized data relevant to your stakeholders and potential investors.

Standard Data

Report actionable results in ready-made, standardized ways to be used by your company, your mentors, and investors.

Indication of Potential

Gain objective, real-time insights into your company’s traction and potential, tracking change over time.

How Can We Do Better?

Contextualize your work, even while you are in the early stages, to illustrate where to focus future efforts.

The Fluency Score quantifies the good work you’ve already done

So often the startup support industry asks you to pitch what your business will become. The Fluency Score isn’t interested in that story. Rather, it dives deeply into what you have already de-risked in the market with customers or potential customers. The Fluency Score’s data collection questions adapt to the size and maturity of your business. The data report focuses on questions of product-market fit, which captures the majority of the factors for success that you have control over!