Access real-time, actionable insights on  Product-Market Fit

Product-Market Fit isn’t some magical state only lucky startups ever reach. It’s the result of systematic and strategic business model development. It’s the most important ingredient for startup success. And now you can take a data-driven approach to de-risk and resolve the assumptions guiding the journey toward Product-Market Fit.

Real-time actionable business model risk insights

Lack of product-market fit accounts for 75% of the primary reasons startups fail. The Fluency Score algorithm quantifies business model risk across 300 data points and produces a report with a standardized score and visualization of business model risk for fast, accurate, and strategic decision-making across the innovation stack.

The Fluency Score algorithm measures, analyzes, and reports on business model risk with laser focus


Prior Validation

Data is collected to understand the company’s business model and the steps they have taken to de-risk core assumptions in the market with customers.

For example, if they believe their customers need help with a particular problem, the Fluency Score process collects and evaluates the ways in which they have worked to understand this problem from their customer’s point of view.

Following the principles of design thinking and Lean startup methodology, the Fluency Score captures the quality of the approach to validation, specifically with the targeted customers.



Current Activity

The Fluency Score also measures and visualizes the velocity with which the company is tackling all remaining business model risks for a real-time snapshot of their current activity.

For example, if a company’s riskiest assumption is around their growth strategy, the Fluency Score Report will identify the speed and focus with which they are testing and validating those assumptions.

This component of the score can help answer the question of whether this company may reach product-market fit before running out of resources.

All Fluency Score Reports include:

Standardized Score

A single, numerical score that can be used to compare, rank, and track a company or group of companies objectively

Business model stage indicator

Precise labeling of stage allowing for greater differentiation between similarly staged-companies and quantifiable progress reporting

Breakout of risks

Visualization of risk to diagnose strengths and weaknesses within each component of the business model

Customized analysis & recommendations

Analysis of a company’s greatest current risks in their business model and recommendations for next steps

Four powerful use cases for Fluency Score Reports


Evaluate and choose best-fit startups at a glance


Tailor resources and focus mentors for each company


Show trajectory, even for early-stage companies


Communicate impact efficiently with data

Build a Product-Market Fit trajectory over time with standardized, high quality data

You’ve never seen data like this before.

Many data tools trying to solve for similar problems either scrape data or rely on self-reported data. Scraped data is too lightweight and contains too many vanity metrics. It cannot help us understand product-market fit in rich ways, nor can it accurately (or even at all) measure what’s happening in early-stage companies. Self-reported data can be overly optimistic. It can also bias against founders who are not steeped in the language of the startup industry.

Getting started is easy

Data-driven strategic decision-making

The best way to engage with the Fluency Score is to see it in action with a company you know well – either your own or a company in your portfolio. Pricing is simple: $500 per report per company.