Comprehensive Data Collection

by | Mar 8, 2022 | Blog Post

Fluent is delighted to announce additional data collection capability that makes the Fluency Score platform your organization’s one-stop-shop for data collection and tracking needs:

  • Application management,
  • One-click updates, and
  • Customized reporting.

What does that look like in practice? You have specific pieces of data you need to collect from founders, and track over time. Fluent can build in those questions into the Fluency Score process, through an automated system, take over the work of collecting updates on your companies, and then provide those customized data outputs to you.

This is the pain-free experience we want for founders – entering data only one time, and then updating that data like magic via Fluent’s one-click update form.

We know data collection is necessary and often one of the hardest things to get from founders. By making the process easy for you and your companies, Fluent has streamlined this critical function for your organization.

These comprehensive data collection services are built in to a Fluency Score annual subscription.

Want to get started? Book a demo here.

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