Fluency Score Analyst Position

Fluent is actively hiring for multiple analyst roles with the team. This is an exciting, flexible opportunity for entrepreneurially-minded college students to gain relevant experience with business model analysis and the due diligence process.

This analyst role is part-time, flexible, and works like a gig. Analysts provide their windows of availability each week and get assigned Fluency Score analysis projects, depending on skill and availability.

On average, a typical analyst may expect to work 5-10 hours per week (during normal business hours) and earn $400-$800 per month.

Analysts are selected based on key skills in:

  • Qualitative interviewing
  • Active listening
  • Business model analysis
  • Curiosity and enthusiasm for early stage company development
  • A lively and engaging presence over video chat
  • Work flexibility and schedule management
  • Strong critical thinking skills and written communication skills,
  • Attention to detail
  • Ability to work independently and contribute to team and process

Fluent is interviewing and hiring for these positions immediately. Please indicate your interest in this role by completing the application below by March 17, 2021.

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