The Fluency Score

Like a FICO Score for Startups.

The Fluency Score is a sophisticated, standardized measure of product-market fit, which captures the majority of risk in any early-stage company or investment.

Our cutting-edge analytical tool uses qualitative data and a complex algorithm to deliver an objective report and actionable analysis to innovation stakeholders.   

This data changes everything about how we select, invest in, and accelerate startups and innovation.

How can we put the Fluency Score

to work for your organization?


The Fluency Score for

Supporting Startups

Grow your local startup ecosystem with the power of actionable insights from objective risk assessment.

The Fluency Score for

Startup Investors

Leverage the cutting-edge insights of this data technology to track and support the growth of your portfolio companies.

The Fluency Score for

Government Entities

Measure and report on the impact of innovation investment with standardized data relevant to stakeholders.

This changes everything.

What is the Fluency Score?

The Fluency Score is the industry’s leading data tool for smart investment decision-making and resource management. 

Anywhere there is investment in innovation, there is a vital need for the Fluency Score. Our clients across the country span startup support organizations, investors, and corporate innovation.

The Fluency Score measures and reports on business model risk using a sophisticated algorithm, tracking data across over 300 inputs, generating a standardized numerical score and visualization of a startup’s risk and potential.

Four powerful use cases for Fluency Score Reports


Evaluate and choose best-fit startups at a glance


Tailor resources and focus mentors for each company


Show trajectory, even for early-stage companies


Communicate impact efficiently with data

How are our clients maximizing the power of the Fluency Score?

"The Fluency Score, as a data tool, makes it obvious how to hit the ground running with founders in your program on day one."

Laura Shibut

Accelerator Program Mgr; Lighthouse Labs, Virginia

"Better returns for investors and equity in the way captial is deployed both become a reality with this technology."

Sara Batterby

Founder of Equity Capital Collective; Portland, Oregon

"The Fluency Score helped us make smart, informed decisions about how to deploy $350K in investments this year alone."

Devon Laney

CEO of Innovation Depot; Birmingham, Alabama

It’s time for data-driven decision making.