The Fluency Score

Like a FICO Score for Startups

The Fluency Score provides deep insights and intelligence into the risks and opportunities in your startup's business model. This tool's sophisticated algorithm measures over 300 data points to produce an objective, data-driven numerical score. We guarantee you've never looked at your company through a lens like this before.

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Founders and Investors love it

Thank you so much! It's so helpful and energizing to go through this process.

Akanksha S. — Founder

The Fluency Score helped us make smart, informed decisions about how to deploy $350K in investments this year.

Devon Laney — CEO Innovation Depot, Birmingham, Alabama

The Fluency Score Report

The Fluency Score measures a startup across three vectors.

Business Model Validated

How much of the business model has been validated in the market with customers?

Speed Demonstrated

How fast is the team moving to de-risk their business model?

Focus Demonstrated

How focused is the team on identifying the key risks in the business and running experiments to solve for those unknowns?

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