The Fluency Score

Like a FICO Score for startups.

The Fluency Score provides deep insights and intelligence into the risks and opportunities in a startup’s business model. This tool’s sophisticated algorithm measures a startup over 300 data points to produce an objective, data-driven, numerical score.

The Fluency Score measures innovation risk.

The Fluency Score allows you to visualize the stage and potential of a startup. It calculates innovation risk through two primary lenses:

  • What has the startup learned in the market from customers?
  • How fast and focused are they are figuring out the rest?

These two questions together are important when evaluating a risky endeavor like a startup. Much is still unknown. It’s the nature of a startup! The Fluency Score embraces this uncertain reality, providing a diagnostic tool of business model risk and velocity of learning.

“The Fluency Score helped us make smart, informed decisions about how to deploy $350K in investments this year.”

Devon Laney, CEO Innovation Depot

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How to use The Fluency Score:

Select the best startups

With The Fluency Score, you can rank and compare startups in your application pool, dial into specific risk areas to understand nuance between companies, and select the best companies for your program. 

Demonstrate ROI

 You can’t afford to wait for the startups you help to mature to show program impact. You need metrics right now. The Fluency Score gives you progress data to share with your stakeholders pre- and post-program. 

Diagnose startup needs

Your startups will make more progress when you and the founders are on the same page about stage, progress, and next steps. Use The Fluency Score to diagnose what they need and set shared goals.

InBIA-funded pilot now open!

Fluent is partnering with InBIA to bring The Fluency Score to accelerators across the US in 2020. Eligible programs will have the opportunity to receive free Fluency Score reports to complement their selection process and post-program reporting. Find out if your accelerator is eligible to join this exciting opportunity!

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