Looking for your Fluency Score account? It has moved.

Looking for your Fluency Score account? It has moved.

The Fluency Score

Like a FICO Score for Startups.

The Fluency Score is a sophisticated, standardized measure of product-market fit, which captures the majority of risk in any early-stage company or investment.

Fluent’s cutting-edge analytical tool uses qualitative data and a complex algorithm to deliver an objective report and actionable analysis to innovation stakeholders.   

This data changes everything about how we select, invest in, and accelerate startups and innovation.

The Fluency Score for

Supporting Startups

Grow your local startup ecosystem with the power of actionable insights from objective risk assessment.

The Fluency Score for

Startup Investors

Leverage the cutting-edge insights of this data technology to track and support the growth of your portfolio companies.

The Fluency Score for

Startup Founders

Diagnose the riskiest assumptions in your business model and de-risk methodically based on actionable intelligence.

Build a Product-Market Fit trajectory over time with standardized, high quality data

Data designed for strategic decision-making

A lot of data leaves you thinking “That’s cool, but so what?” You need data that cuts through the noise of a shiny, perfect pitch to highlight the company’s actual current risks and opportunities. 

  • Measure a company from Idea to Series A to track their growth trajectory over time, on a regular cadence
  • Measure companies across industry verticals using a single standardized process for easy comparison
  • Track a cohort, pipeline companies, portfolio companies, and even your anti-portfolio to efficiently report to stakeholders

Data for your organization

 Fluency Scores

Your organization needs to gain strategic visibility on the exact stage and needs of your companies for by creating your own dataset for decision-making.

A batch of scores in your Analysis Dashboard is useful for ranking and comparing companies. It’s also incredibly powerful at helping you deploy exactly the right resources to support these companies.

Track, analyze, and report on companies in your pipeline and/or portfolio with an annual subscription to Fluency Score data. A la carte Scores also available.

Value for your organization


“The Fluency Score creates a foundation of objectivity from which accelerators and investors can make data driven decisions. Having Fluency Scores as a part of our multi step review process gave our team confidence that we were making the best decision on behalf of our fund and the companies.” – Kellie Clark, Director of Programs at Innovation Depot

Fluency Scores are giving us the valuable information we need to win grants, onboard more entrepreneurs, and move our ecosystem forward.” – Debbie Irwin, Director at Staunton Creative Community Fund

Four powerful use cases for Fluency Score Reports


Evaluate and choose best-fit startups at a glance


Tailor resources and focus mentors for each company


Show trajectory, even for early-stage companies


Communicate impact efficiently with data

What is a Fluency Score report?

Fluency Score reports provide a current snapshot of a startup’s risks and opportunities as they work to achieve Product-Market Fit.

  • Company-level visualization of risks
  • Efficient, standardized reporting of stage and progress
  • Recommendations for next steps

Risk Vector Breakout

The Fluency Score measures product-market fit across five vectors of risk.


This vector visualizes the extent to which problem and customer segment assumptions have been tested in the market with customers.


This vector visualizes the extent to which assumptions about the product/solution and customers’ willingness to buy have been tested.

Growth Strategy

This vector visualizes the extent to which a repeatable, scalable growth strategy has been developed and tested.


How fast is the company executing as it tackles the hard work of de-risking assumptions on its journey to product-market fit?


How focused is the company’s work on de-risking the most important assumptions and risks in its business model?
  • 89% 89%
  • 43% 43%
  • 10% 10%
  • 77% 77%
  • 20% 20%

All Fluency Score Reports include:

Standardized Score

A single, numerical score that can be used to compare, rank, and track a company or group of companies objectively

Breakout of risks

Visualization of risk to diagnose strengths and weaknesses along the five vectors of the score

Stage indicator

Precise labeling of stage allowing for greater differentiation between similar companies


Analysis of a company’s business model & execution risks as well as actionable recommendations

How is the data collected?

Data is collected qualitatively through an adaptive form directly from the CEO/founder in a single data collection step. No preparation is needed to submit this information.

How is the data analyzed?

The data submitted is quantitized and processed through the Fluency Score algorithm to evaluate risks across five vectors. This produces a single, standardized score.

 How long is it accurate?

Early stage companies evolve quickly! A Fluency Score is considered “fresh” for three months. After that, it is useful to create a trend line by ordering a fresh score.

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